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Although we became a company in 1999, we've been doing this since 1994 (before Internet Explorer existed).  We've worked with clients from almost every industry. Our portfolio ranges from simple websites to complex systems for financial and medical institutions.


Our work has made our clients successful. Systems built by 3rd Studio have saved millions of dollars by increasing productivity. Our projects have also generated tens of millions in revenue for our clients over the years.


Making a website is easy. Crafting a website tailored for a target audience that works flawlessly on a variety of browsers, platforms and devices while generating revenue by converting visitors into clients takes an uncommon depth of knowledge.

Client Loyalty

We'd like to say we've never lost a client, but that wouldn't be true. (There have been some who thought their nephew could handle their website after taking an HTML class.) Otherwise, our clients tend to hire us again and again, including our very first client who we still work with today.

No Geek Speak

While we certainly know all the "geek speak" in our business, we also know our clients usually don't. When you ask us a question, we'll explain the answer in a way you will understand. We'll make sure you understand everything about the process and the rationale for each step.

We Want To Help

Whether or not you hire us, we want to help you succeed with your website. If we know 3rd Studio is not the best option for you, we'll help you find something perfect. Our number one priority is your success. Our advice will always be in your best interest.

Content Management System

We built our Content Management system from scratch based on our real world experience of building websites for clients since 1994. You could say our clients built our CMS and continue to improve it every day. Features, functions and usability are all based on client requests.

CMS Software Updates

With our CMS Software Update program, you get all bug fixes and security patches with a simple click of a button. You also get all new features and functions added to our CMS. Always up to date with code, security and features. That's hard to beat. And it helps you get a better night's sleep.

Everything You Need

We are a one-stop-shop for your website needs: domain names, hosting, email, content management systems, design & development services (including mobile and touchscreen), custom programming, and ongoing maintenance and updates. Who could ask for more?

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