IE6: It is Time to Move On...
8/31/2010 By David
Internet Explorer 6 is the worst browser still in use today. Development is time consuming and costly. IE6 is riddled with bugs, lacks support for web standards, and its usage is dropping into obscurity. Finally, we can drop support for IE6.
Offline Versus Online Marketing: Put Your Money Where Your Buyers Are
8/16/2010 By David
Traditional marketing vehicles include TV, Radio, Newspapers and Magazines. These are offline forms of marketing. A website, blog, video & pod casting and social media are online forms of marketing. Which is best? If you use both, how should you spread your budget? Will one have a better reach towards your target market?
How to Pick a Great Domain Name
7/31/2010 By David
Every website needs a domain name. Your domain name can help make or break your online business. It is one of the first decisions you need to make when developing a site, and one of the most important. Pick the right domain and people will rush to your site. Pick the wrong name and it will be a lonely World Wide Web for you. To help you avoid internet obscurity, here are some domain name guidelines.
Great Print Design is Likely to be Lousy Web Design
7/23/2010 By David
Print designers are generally not very good at web design. But that really shouldn't offend anyone. After all, its like saying fashion designers are generally not very good at web design. Print and web design are just two different things.
Why Search Engine Optimization is so Important
7/18/2010 By David
SEO's goal is to increase the number of people who can find your website when searching for your type of products or services. The key phrase there is searching for your type of products or services. SEO is about highly qualified, targeted marketing - which is the best kind.
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